Inspiration For Innovation: Considerations For Financial Application Design

Thank you for tuning in to my webinar with Backbase yesterday.  I’m posting the slides and recording after the description below.  Let me know what you think – I appreciate your feedback and your tuning in. Keep innovating!

Backbase Bank 2.0 Webinar Series April 23, 2013

Inspiration For Innovation: Considerations For Financial Application Design

In this Backbase webinar, Bradley Leimer, Vice President, Online and Mobile Strategy at Mechanics Bank and renowned financial technologist and engagement banking proponent discusses customer behavior and related design trends impacting financial application development. He explores topics that are relevant to community banking, financial services, and the changing customer expectations developers now face.

Customer behavior is changing. Expectations are shifting. Technology is accelerating this shift as it acts to alter traditional relationships with our customers as well as the traditional sources of revenue, growth, retention, and customer loyalty. We are moving away from a personal banking relationship to one where the primary relationship is that of utility. Banking becomes something you do through an application, not something you do in a defined location. And those applications better be well designed, because the banking model itself is in jeopardy.

What inspires your teams to innovate and iterate? Why are we not seeing more radical changes in financial application design? While we are still only in the middle stages of this digital transformation, the majority of banks seem destined to be left behind. With the variety of experiences available today, what can we learn from changes in design and customer behavior? What is the role of financial data and identity in this change, and how do we make the concept of big data become a personalized, more meaningful small data experience? If our experience design process were more like Apple, Amazon, Google, or Facebook, what would that look like? Where else should we look for inspiration?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration For Innovation: Considerations For Financial Application Design

  1. Jim – Very much appreciated. I think we are all doing are part to move banking forward to serve the diverse needs of our clients and communities. I really am inspired by all the work being done in the fintech space and by all of the developments in financial services from social to mobile to payments. I’ll try to get some of the 40 half written blog posts I have in draft into a final form for the blog and take some inspiration from my presentation yesterday – keep shipping.

    And to Jim’s point…if you find yourself stuck and need a different view point to move something forward, please reach out to me, to Jim, and to other’s in the fintech and banking community. We’re here to help one another. Thanks again Jim for your thoughtful comments.

  2. After a bit of a hiatus from the blogging world (but definitely not from social media), Brad delivers a great presentation on the importance of innovation in the financial services space. With a lot of passion and a wealth of examples, Brad delivers what could be best called a rallying cry for the traditional bank marketers to step out of the ‘normal’ and into the sometimes frightening space of doing things different. It’s time for a paradigm shift in the bank and credit union marketing world, and I can’t think of a better living example of an FI leader who is ‘living through doing’ every day.

    So, set aside 40 or so minutes and take in the message that Brad is delivering. Then, change your current direction and get inspired to innovate. And, if you reach a road block or difficult turn in your journey, I guarantee that Brad will get on the phone with you and get you back on the right path.

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