Discerning Technologist Named Among Best Banking Blogs of 2012 by @FinancialBrand

This morning my blog Discerning Technologist was named as one of the Editor’s Choices for best banking blogs of 2012 by The Financial Brand. I can’t thank Jeffry Pilcher enough for including my blog with these great industry voices.

Here’s what the Financial Brand said by naming Discerning Technologist one of the 21 best banking blogs on the internet:

Discerning Technologist – This blog includes discussions about financial innovations, online and mobile channels, UX and marketing. Authored by Bradley Leimer, VP of Online/Mobile Strategy at Mechanics Bank, who provides insight into how marketers can leverage technology changes for an improved customer experience. bradleyleimer.com

I think every one of the 21 blogs mentioned offer an excellent view of the financial services spectrum. I’ll certainly be voting for some of my favorites as well, including Brett King’s Banking4Tomorrow, Chris Skinner’s Financial Services Club Blog, Jim Breune’s Netbanker, JJ Hornblass’s Bank Innovation, Jim Marous’s Bank Marketing Strategy, Finextra, Christophe Langlois’s Visible Banking, Ron Shevlin’s Snarketing 2.0, Serge Milman’s Optirate, as well as industry views from Intuit’s banking.com, and the JD Power Banking Blog. I would also highly suggest you consider writing in a few of the following candidates for best financial blog include the thoughts from David BirchYann Ranchere, Aden Davies, Walt Cox, JP Nicols, and Peter Vander Auwera.

If you find my blog posts (and associated Twitter feed) an important part of your efforts to innovate in the financial space, then please consider voting for my blog at the Financial Brand. Thank you for your consideration – and remember to vote!

I’m Bradley Leimer, and I’ve approved this message.

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