5 Lessons From the West Coast

It’s fun to talk to people as they start their journey through life, career, and the great unknown post college. I met Kevin Metz at lunch in San Francisco with JP Nicols (previous US Bank Wealth Management, now consulting and disrupting banking in multiple ways I’m sure). JP had this idea to take Kevin with him on a recent west coast swing, and introduce him to several people in technology and marketing. Really great idea JP – take someone under your wing today, and expose them to as many ideas as they can soak up.

My general conversation with Kevin focused around finding things to work on that you are inherently passionate about. I was also one who echoed the sentiment that massive amounts of travel (especially before 30) was critical to allowing different viewpoints to impact your thinking throughout your life.

Great start Kevin – keep on writing, and learning. Continued success to JP as well.

Here is what Kevin took from that week out west:

5 Lessons From the West Coast.

2 thoughts on “5 Lessons From the West Coast

  1. Thanks for your kind words, and more importantly, thanks for mentoring our mutual friend. We will be able to say “we knew him when”. Let’s start getting our angel fund together…

    1. Agreed. We should do this as a business. Just connect people to mentors at an early age and help fund their ideas. Hey wait, that’s already being done. : ) Thanks again JP. Hope to connect on your next trip out.

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