Grid Reinvents The Spreadsheet For The Tablet

Have you ever wanted to work with data on your tablet or phone and were frustrated with existing applications? It doesn’t have to be that way – big data, small data (financial data!) – it all needs a better user experience.

This post from TechCrunch is for anyone designing the next generation of user experience for data intensive applications (especially those fintech folks that are trying to re-imagine online banking in tablet and smartphone form).

See more below (and watch the videos!).

(From Techcrunch)

Popular wisdom has it that tablets are great for consuming content but aren’t that useful for creating it. Don’t tell that to Josh Leong, though. His Y Combinator-backed startup, Grid, is based around the idea that a tablet should be a great place for spreadsheets. Indeed, as Leong told me earlier this week, his idea is to reinvent the spreadsheet around touch, all the tools and sensors available on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, and the way normal people (as opposed to Excel power users) actually use them.

Grid is launching in beta for iPhone and iPad today. Sign Up For Grid Beta

More at TechCrunch

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