Square Gets A Facelift, Adds Rewards With Updated Loyalty Program

From FastCompany

Square’s new loyalty card program for customers and tools for merchants launch today, laying the groundwork for deeper customer-merchant relationships.

Today, Square is releasing a few subtle but solid updates to both its Pay With Square app, which lets consumers make hands-free payments with participating merchants, and Square Register, its point-of-sale system for the iPad. Pay With Square users now get an in-app punchcard feature to collect rewards, as well as a new interface geared toward merchant discovery. Square Register merchants get more robust analytics and customizable options. Collectively, the features further bridge the gap between merchant and customer within the Square ecosystem.

“When we first launched the product, it fostered a natural sense of loyalty. You’d walk in and say ‘Put this on Keith,’ and the merchant would start a conversation with you,” Square COO Keith Rabois tells Fast Company. “You’d be engaged in a human interaction as opposed to some mechanical, card-swiping, tapping experience. Now, we’ve added actual rewards to that emotional experience.”

Pay With Square is also introducing a parallel feature that allows merchants to offer specials to first-time customers. “We’re making the experience of discovery fun and delightful, as opposed to a chore,” Rabois says.

Read the rest at Fast Company

See additional coverage at TechCrunch, American Banker, and at Square.

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