Derek Sivers Discusses Disruptive Banking at Next Bank Asia (Singapore, May 2012)

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers was one of the speakers at May’s Next Bank Asia event in Singapore.

Sivers describes himself as an Entrepreneur, programmer, avid student of life” and a person who “make(s) useful things, and share(s) what (he) learn(s).”

From his site, he talked about the key points of the presentation below.

“I was surprised when I was asked to speak at a banking conference, but they said they wanted it to be disruptive and untraditional, so I said yes. I’ve felt so much frustration with banks, that I thought this a fine time to vent.”

Siver’s Main points are:

– The biggest bank in 20 years will be one that doesn’t exist now.
– Disruption starts by serving the low-end market
– Internet entrepreneurs are the low-end market for banks
– Banking is the bottleneck of entrepreneurship
– Singapore is the place this disruption could/should happen
– To protect your business, be paranoid. To advance, be fearless.

Watch this fascinating view of the Future of Banking:

Thanks to Innotribe Co-Founder (Swift) Peter Vander Auwera (aka @petervan) for sharing this video. If you’re looking to learn about Innovation in Banking, look into Innotribe.

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