10 Key Trends from the Community Banking Trenches


Over the next decade, the banking industry is poised for dramatic change. Sure, we’ve heard this before from the likes of Brett King (author of Bank 2.0 and Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow) as well as from technology mavens that are driving the idea of the demise of banking through the rise of mobile payments, the loss of physical branches, and the rise of the socially connected consumer.

But something is really going on here that is worth exploring. It looks like they might be right this time.

Societal behavior is changing, and this seemingly goes beyond traditional economic, demographic, and generational shifts that have always had some impact on financial services. This just may be about our industry’s survival, at least in the form that we know it today. What is the average banker thinking about the impact of technological changes and this ongoing shift of expectations? What is your perspective and how does it compare?

In this Backbase webinar, Bradley Leimer, community bank technology developer and engagement banking proponent discusses key trends in financial technology and how they relate to consumer and business behavior. He explores topics that are relevant to community banking, financial services, and the changing expectations we now face.

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