How Do You Use Twitter?

How do you use Twitter or other social channels? How much content do you consume vs. create? While I am sure your participation varies per channel, it’s interesting to hear how the founders of each of the major social channels use the network they started.

Here is a great interview with Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, talking about how Twitter was founded, how the recent Egyptian revolution was aided by social channels, and about the future monetization of Twitter itself. There is also a great bit about the first time he knew Twitter was going to get huge, at SXSW.

twitter logo

Here are links to a summary of the interview and to the audio. Enjoy.

Biz Stone on NPR’s Fresh Air 2/16/2011

Listen to the Interview

On how Biz Stone uses Twitter

“I definitely spend way more time reading tweets than writing tweets. The first thing I do in the morning when I’m waking up is, I reach over and grab my iPhone and I just start scanning through tweets. What it does for me — I know right away that if something big is going on, in the world or in my area, someone will have tweeted about it. If nothing big is going on, at the very least I’m being reminded that people are up and doing things. For me, looking at tweets first thing in the morning is kind of like caffeine. It sort of makes me realize other co-workers are up, getting coffee, driving to work, etc. I better get out of bed. All through the day, I’m checking Twitter and seeing what people are saying about certain things. I’m clicking on the trends and the sidebar to figure out why this particular celebrity or phrase is in the trends right now. And then I’m tweeting maybe once a day, maybe every couple of days. I’m an infrequent tweeter. I’m more of a consumer of the information that’s coursing through the system.”


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