Apple Does the Right Thing


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Image: Wikimedia Commons

As reported by a thousand media outlets just a few hours ago, Apple’s Steve Jobs has brought antennagate to a close by reminding people why Apple is Apple.  Everyone gets a new case to fix the signal issue.  Problem solved.

Not only did Jobs get a chance to say they were sorry, but he got to point out that all phones have issues like this (including the Droid and other OS devices like Blackberry).  He got to remind people that Apple has sold over 3 million of these new phones, and that very few (<17,000) have been actually returned.  Jobs also got to dig a bit on the media, especially the New York Times.  Sure, the blogoshpere and Android fan-boys probably loved the past week, but I think Apple and Jobs handled this pretty well.  And they make pretty good technology that has pushed other providers to do the same.  We should all be happy that we have such tech goodness.

I get the issue either way, but I think the issue is now dead. What do you think?

Let’s hope we can move on the next tech outrage.  It’s better than another oil spill.

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