What’s going on with the iPhone 4?

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

As reported by Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal, tomorrow’s press conference at Apple won’t announce an iPhone 4 recall.

But what will they say? Here’s a free rubber band to stop the reception problems. Look, it even has a little Apple logo on it.

No, probably not. But this has been a tough week for Apple. Even as their iPhone 4 sales go through the roof.

I still want one. As a long time iPhone user, I am certainly glad we didn’t pick up the new phone, but if you have been a fan, you probably still are.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. We have much to thank Apple for in the fintech industry. They have made us produce a better experience in mobile tech, and love them or hate them (closed environment, AT&T reception, etc.), they still have made the industry better. If you follow my tweets, you’ll know I am fan boy.

But this experience, on the heels of incredible sales of the iPhone 4 and iPad, has to be a bitter pill for Jobs to swallow.

Here was the post about tomorrow’s press conference.

Apple will NOT recall the iPhone 4, the WSJ reports, citing a source familiar with the matter.
So what is on deck for Friday’s Antennagate press conference?
An apology, of course. Perhaps discounts on iPhone cases.
And maybe something else — “something big, or at least biggish,” as Daring Fireball’s John Gruber predicts?

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